Brief Overview

The Institute of Education at National Cheng-Kung University was founded in 1996, offering master degrees. By the 2007 school year, the Institute had produced a total of 154 graduates. In addition, a Ph.D. program was opened in the 2006 school year. There are currently 19 students enrolled in the Ph.D. program, including 2 international students. Moreover, the Institute supports a secondary-level teacher education program. Our Institute is situated within a university complete with various academic disciplines and rich in history and resources. With an acceptance rate of less than 10% and a comprehensive program emphasizing both theoretical and experience-based knowledge in the areas of counseling, educational psychology, instructional technology, educational administration, and educational statistics, upon graduation students are well prepared to serve as instructors and teachers at secondary schools, research assistants at research institutes, or to pursue advance degrees.




Goals & Curriculum

This Institute aims to achieve excellence in educational practice and scholarship. To better equip students to cope with the ever-changing nature of our society and the fast-growing needs of technology-savvy users, an inter-disciplinary approach integrating emerging technologies and the latest paradigms from the areas of psychology, sociology, information technology, and communication is the focus of this institute. Three areas of studies are offered: (1) Educational Psychology and Learning; (2) Research Methodology; and (3) Counseling and Guidance. To further foster international academic cooperation and communication, this Institute works closely with other institutes to host and/or co-host seminars, conferences, symposia and workshops throughout the year.




Faculty & Resources

The Institute of Education has 10 full-time faculty and 4 part-time faculty members so far. The academic performance of this institute in terms of TSSCI, SSCI, SCI publications far exceeds other institutes with similar backgrounds and resources. Both faculty and students come from diverse backgrounds, which helps create a vivid learning community that nurtures collaboration and interaction, and strives for high standards and outcomes of learning.





Visions & Mission

To foster world-wide educational reform, pursue excellence and sustain economic competitiveness, academic research in inter-related areas, such as creative teaching, instructional material development, multiple assessment, student counseling, and total school management, has and will remain an important mission of this institute. As the largest university in south Taiwan, our institute will continue striving to serve the surrounding community by offering continuing and life-long education and providing services for professional development.



Goals for Cultivating Students

1)    Cultivate educational researchers with proficiency in both theory and practice.

2)    Focus on interaction and cooperative learning.

3)    Emphasize problem-solving and reflective skills.

4)    Develop independent research abilities.

5)    Foster engagement in educational research.

Institute of Education, National Cheng-Kung University
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